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Let's Make a Difference
For Our Kids


Together, We Can Do This!

Putting Our Kids First


To provide the best possible education for the children in our community, our schools must be ready to meet our students at the point of their need.  When we partner with parents and support organizations in our community, we can deliver an educational plan that will best prepare each of our students for success, in school and beyond.


Addressing Learning Loss

COVID 19 and its aftermath has caused a severe interruption in our students’ educational growth that is still being felt now in 2023.  Because of this, many students playing catch-up on their education, and teachers are struggling to balance review and catching up with the need to push on to new topics.  Each student learns in their own way, and we need to maintain focus on providing a multifaceted approach to addressing this loss of learning that focuses on the needs of each of our students. 


Behavioral Health

Schools around the nation have seen a spike in behavioral challenges in the aftermath of the pandemic.  These challenges both represent individuals struggling in our schools, and also frequently create barriers to learning.  We need to continue to grow our ability to respond to negative behaviors in our classrooms while maintaining a focus on empathy, grace and wellness.

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